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What’s the best way to clean or wash a MELLY collar?

See our Caring for your MELLY page for tips and advice on keeping your MELLY collar looking great.

My favorite pet rescue is not one of your donation partners, but I want my donation collar to go to them. How can I do that?

If you purchase a MELLY collar online, at checkout we'll ask you where you'd like your donation collar to go and we even provide an "Other" option for rescues not already set up as donation partners.  We ask that you provide as much contact information as possible and we'll do our best to get your collar to them.

How does MELLY distribute all those donation collars?


The distributions are based on each donation partner's adoption numbers for a given quarter.  We look at the adoption rates for all of our donation partners over each 3-month period.  For example, if one rescue is responsible for 25% of the pet adoptions and another is responsible for 10% of adoptions, then the first rescue receives 25% of the donation collars and the second receives a proportional 10%.  The MELLY donation distribution numbers are evaluated on a quarterly basis in order to keep up with shelter growth and adoption rates.