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Why Martingales?

Many people ask us “Why martingales?”  Well, we specialize in martingale-style collars because we think they are the safest, most humane way to keep your pet with you.  Here are a few of the reasons we believe a martingale-style collar is the best collar for your pet:


Martingale collars will gently tighten—just a bit—if your pet pulls on a leash or attempts to back out of the collar.  This effectively prevents pets from slipping out of their collars and endangering themselves.

The basic martingale design:


A regular, buckled non-martingale collar is supposed to be tight enough around your dog’s neck so that you can only fit two fingers under the collar.  To many, this seems too tight—especially when your dog is at home and not on a leash.  Martingale collars solve this problem.  When there is no pressure on the leash or when your pet is off-leash at home or playing, your pet’s martingale collar can hang comfortably around their neck.  Martingales will only tighten when you need them to, and then, only to a certain point—unlike “choke” collars which just keep tightening and tightening.  Martingales immediately loosen when pressure is released—meaning your pet will never have a constantly tightening feeling around his or her neck.  With a martingale, there’s no need to keep a collar tight all the time just to make sure it won’t slip off when they are on a leash.


At the core of our martingale collars is sturdy, woven nylon webbing and high-quality metal hardware!  Our durable webbing and stitching stands up to the toughest pullers and dog park playmates.  A MELLY collar’s decorative ribbon may change from collar to collar, but all of our MELLYs will stay strong to keep your pet safe!

A little history . . .

Martingale-style collars were originally used for sighthounds.  Since sighthounds—such as greyhounds and whippets—have heads that are often smaller than their necks, traditional collars can slip right off. The martingale style was developed to keep the collar securely on the dog, even through that infamous “back-out” maneuver all dogs seem to know.  We think they are the best, most humane collars for any breed or size dog.

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