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Caring for your MELLY

How to clean your MELLY collar:

MELLY collars are made to have fun (and look good) in . . . but all that fun can get them pretty dirty sometimes. A little handwashing in your favorite detergent can usually get your collar clean again, but our favorite method for those “very loved” collars is a soak in warm water with OxiClean® brand stain remover. Exact soaking times will depend on just how dirty your pet’s collar is, but anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour will usually do the trick.

MELLY collars come in a variety of styles. If your pet is sporting one of our more ornate ribbon styles, then heavy play or neck scratching might cause some of that ribbon to fray. Simply trim any loose ends with a pair of small scissors and resume the fun!

Now, go get dirty!