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Collar Sizing and Widths

What size MELLY?

MELLY collars are intended to slip over your pet’s head before being adjusted to size around their neck. Our collars are made without buckles so, in order to fit over broad heads and floppy ears, MELLYs are made with a more generous diameter. Our sizing chart refers to the fit of the collar once it is adjusted to your pet’s neck. Each collar will measure an inch or two larger when adjusted to its largest size. This is to ensure it is comfortable to get on and off your pet.

Collar Width & Style Options

We feel that a martingale is the best overall kind of collar design which is why it is our signature collar. However, we do also offer non-martingale, adjustable collars for smaller dogs and cats who may not be suited for a feature that tightens around their necks.  If you don’t need the martingale feature, but still want a stylish collar for your pet that gives back at the same time, an Adjustable Slide collar is the one for you!

We don’t use buckles in our collars—instead, all of our collars are sized to slip over your pet’s head and adjust to the correct neck size. This helps to ensure there are no “failure points” on your pet’s collar. Buckles can crack, fasten incompletely, and can pinch your pet’s fur.  MELLY collars use sturdy and gentle adjustable slides to ensure a perfect fit.

We offer three different collar widths : our WIDE collars are a 1.5-inch width, our REGULAR collars are a classic 1-inch width, and our SKINNIES—our thinnest collar—features a 5/8-inch width.

The 1.5-inch is our original MELLY collar width. This thickness is best for medium-to-large dogs but also can look amazing on smaller dogs with a slender frame, such as Whippets. The 1-inch width is a fantastic all-around size. This can look great on dogs who are anywhere from 20lbs to 90lbs. Finally, our 5/8-inch width is best for smaller pets. Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have all been known to sport MELLY collars in this great width!