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There’s someone special we’d like you to meet this month… Truffle!  This special girl is patiently waiting for her forever home but happily agreed (via her foster mama) to model MELLY styles all September long.  We already love our September model and, after meeting her at our fun photo shoot, we can’t just wait to talk her up to anyone who will listen!

Truffle is a grown up girl who absolutely loves people. Her favorite activities involve snuggling and more snuggling.  The MELLY team had a ton of fun dressing her up in girly collars that really complimented her brindle coat and her calm demeanor was evident as she patiently allowed us to change collar after collar during her photo shoot.

Truffle currently lives with her foster mom and regularly goes to training and visits to public places like Home Depot to work on her manners and being out and about. She’s one of the great, very adoptable dogs who are being helped everyday by Love-A-Bull, an amazing (that’s a fact) rescue organization in Austin, Texas.  MELLY has worked with Love-A-Bull since we got started and we’re so proud that our donation martingales have helped out their “Adopt-A-Bulls” as they find their way to loving homes.

As an organization, Love-A-Bull aims to educate and to advocate on behalf of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (all breeds commonly referred to as “pit bulls”) and pit bull mixes.

If you are interested in meeting this brindle beauty or would like more information, please email or fill out an application at  For more information on Love-A-Bull, visit



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Whoever said good things come in small packages was absolutely right!  Meet Winston, a chill, smoosh-faced little gentleman.  Winston modeled all kinds of collars to be our October MELLY Model of the Month and stood so patiently as we changed collars and leashes.  This little punkin’ weighs around 26lbs, loves treats and butt-scratches and really loves lady dogs!

Winston is currently in foster care with Short Mugs Rescue Squad, a Texas 501c(3) nonprofit rescue focusing on French Bulldogs and other short mug breeds, like English Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers.  His foster mom is his biggest fan and knows all about his best qualities and his quirks.  The perfect home for Winston has a female doggie he can hang out with and older kiddos.

If you are interested in learning more about Winston and whether he’ll fit in with your family, visit or email  You can also find more info about Winston on his own Short Mugs page right HERE.

We are proud to introduce our August MELLY Model of the Month, Grant from Austin Greyhound Adoption! Grant (aka CTW Land Grant) is a 2 year old former racing Greyhound who won his last race and then somehow managed to bonk himself on a pole. He’s been fully checked out and is perfectly fine, but he now has an adorable dent in his forehead that we think just adds to his great personality!

Since the martingale is our signature collar style, we were extra happy to work with a Greyhound model.  After all, sighthounds like Greyhounds and Whippets are the original breeds for which martingale collars were used!  The rest of us have just been lucky enough to figure out what great collars martingales are for other breeds too.

You can find out more about Grant at and, of course, the lovely collars he’ll be wearing all month can be found in our online store at

We’ve also partnered with Austin Greyhound Adoption as a MELLY Donation Partner.  Use code AUSTINGREY at checkout to earmark your donation collar for AGA!



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‘Tis the season!  The holiday travel season, that is.  It’s the time of year where folks will be venturing to other cities and states to see family for the holidays and many of us will be bringing our four-legged family members along for the visit.  Over the summer, The Huffington Post offered some great advice on traveling with your pet — and these tips hold true for the holidays as well.

Here are a few of our favorites…

Road trips with Rover

Buckle up. About 30,000 accidents are caused each year by an unrestrained dog in the front seat, according to the AAA. Pets freely wandering the vehicle aren’t only a distraction to the driver, but they’re also more likely to be injured in the event of an accident. You can help ensure a safe trip by restraining your furry friend with a pet barrier, pet seat belt, pet car seat or travel crate. Keep heads and paws inside. Your dog may enjoy sticking his head out the window, but riding this way could cause ear damage or expose your pet to lung infections, according to the ASPCA. Prepare for the worst. Attach a second tag to your pet’s collar that includes the address and phone number of where you’ll be staying during your trip. Also, bring your pet’s medical records along in case of an emergency. Pit stops. The American Veterinary Medical Association advises pet owners to stop every two to three hours for your pet to use the bathroom and get some exercise. Hydrate. The ASPCA recommends keeping a gallon of cold water on hand to ensure your pet stays sufficiently hydrated during the trip.

Flying with Fluffy

Fit to fly. If your pet is very young, very old or not in good health, it’s best to leave the critter at home. Also, some breeds don’t travel well in cargo, such as snub-nosed dogs like pugs, which are prone to breathing difficulties. Many major airlines no longer allow such breeds to fly in the cargo hold. Do your research. Regulations and fees vary depending on airlines and whether your pet flies in the cabin or as checked baggage. Be sure to check an airline’s history of flying animals. Incidents of pets being lost, injured or dying have increased in recent years. Currently, about 15 major carriers provide monthly incident reports to the DOT, which list pet-related incidents. Consider a pets-only airline. Pet Airways offers climate-controlled cabins outfitted with individual crates, and a flight attendant checks on the animals every 15 minutes. After landing, pets are given a bathroom break, and can be picked up by their owners at the airline’s Pet Lounge at participating airports. Prepare the carrier. Purchase a kennel that has room for your pet to turn around and stand without hitting its head. If your pet hasn’t traveled before, spend some time getting the animal used to being in the carrier. Airlines have different crate dimension requirements, but the USDA requires the following: food and water dishes, “Live Animal” stickers, upright arrows and bedding. ID tags. Attach contact information to both your pet’s collar and its carrier. Exercise. Before the flight, play with your cat or take your dog for a walk. The more tired your pet is, the more likely it is to sleep during the trip.

To read the entire article, visit

And, the MELLY team wishes you all safe and happy travels this holiday season!!

MELLY was invited to attend Austin Pets Alive!’s video launch party on November 6th, featuring the story of Flash — a pup who truly beat the odds after being intentionally thrown from an overpass into traffic.  He was nursed back to health and now has a great family and a powerful story to tell.  It was amazing to spend the evening with a great group of people so dedicated to saving animals in Austin.

Grab your tissues and watch Flash’s amazing story!



For more ways to help, visit or take a look at their Wish List for donation ideas.

We got suckered in by some hilarious “dog shaming” photos and figured the laughs were worth sharing.  Does any of this look familiar to you, pet-owners?



For more laughs take a peek at our Facebook photo album.

We had an amazing launch on Sunday, Oct. 28th at the Love-A-Bull 4th Annual Texas-Sized Pittie Pride Parade & Festival.  After setting up our brand-new booth (with only a few minor hiccups), we got to spend the whole day telling people about our donation-centered business model and explaining just what a martingale collar is–and why it’s so great for any dog.  We even sold a few collars!

There were two really amazing things that stood out about that day.  One was the sheer amount of responsible dog owners who brought their well-socialized, adopted pitties to the event.  From our spot in the vendor area, we saw the best of the best–both people and dogs–coming out to do their part in changing the negative, hateful image that has been so strongly linked to pit bull-type breeds.

The other amazing thing about Sunday was our wonderful family and friends who came out to support us.  They proudly sported MELLY t-shirts, brought their own dogs to be MELLY models, and tirelessly handed out business cards.  A brand-new, small business couldn’t ask for better supporters.  We’re very blessed!


After weeks of training, coding, pulling hair out, and about 14.7 gallons of coffee we’ve come to the realization that building websites is hard. Luckily, just in time for our Official Company Launch on Sunday at the Pittie Pride Fesitival, here it is friends….. the official website!

You can now take a look at the latest MELLYs and purchase one online (or at our booth on Sunday).

Hope to see you all there! We can’t wait!

Our friends Tamara and Jimmy are bringing their pittie, Buddy.  We’re going to strap the Go-Pro on his back and get a great dogs-eye view of the festival.

Special thanks to all the friends and family that continue to support us.  Also, a huge thanks to all of the wonderful dogs that have helped to inspire the first line of MELLY collars.