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Gypsy’s Watch

Rescued Rottweiler- Gypsy's WatchGypsy was an old soul who came into our lives and showed us what “rescuing” really meant.  First, she rescued us.  Now, we like to think she’s up in heaven watching over rescue pets who are still finding their way home.

By donating a MELLY collar for every collar sold, MELLY is dedicated to helping animal rescues keep pets safe.  Our local pet rescues do amazing work caring for thousands of animals without homes—and now, those pets are also under Gypsy’s Watch.

Hi there! We will be taking all of our current inventory to the Austin Pet Expo on Aug 19-20, so please be aware that our inventory numbers may be a little "off" for orders placed Aug 19-21. We'll do our best to keep things updated and will reach out promptly if there is any inconsistency with an order. Thanks for visiting our www.mellycollars.com! -The MELLY Team Dismiss